Photo Release -- CEO of iTac Reaches Out to Michelle Obama and Giro for Education, Health and Safety Initiatives

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NEW YORK, April 8, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Susan Samuel, the founder and CEO of It Takes A Community to Raise A Child ( iTac) a Non Profit 24 Hour child care development center in Queens New York, is launching her annual Dream Catchers Summer Youth Program where she teaches children as young as five all the way up to teenagers on financial literacy and entrepreneurship.

Susan Samuel invites educators to participate with Dream Catchers Summer Program, here with Dr. Adelaide Sanford

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iTac, with their Dream Catchers Summer Program, is already moving into the future of education by partnering with social entrepreneur Dr. Nono C. Pearson to give every student that attends the program a Pearson Education Tablet (The PET). Students will get most of their text books in the form of digital content on the mobile devices.

Due to the near tragedy of Clinton Taylor, the son of iTacs CEO, the company has some new ideas to implement. Taylor who suffered a near fatal bike riding accident last week after being hit by a truck in Queens NY, inspired iTac to incorporate a health and safety initiative into this year's summer program. The community relations department is now reaching out to the likes of Michelle Obama and the CEO of Giro for their support for iTacs education, health and safety initiatives.

The idea for the health and safety program was discussed by Samuel and her board of directors after the doctors at the hospital where her son was admitted told the former NYC assistant principal Ms. Samuel that "if it had not been for the Giro Safety Helmet and your son being in good shape, it would have most likely been his last ride in life".

After hearing the miraculous news that her son was alive, Samuel, even in a state of shock, didn't hesitate to think about the responsibility of helping the community. She immediately reached out to the Giro team to thank them for caring about safety and helping to save her sons life. She also told them that she would like to use her sons near tragedy as inspiration for her summer camp kids, by giving away free or discounted helmets to those in the community who can't afford them.

"As a single mom, I have tried my best to raise my children to be responsible and to take control of their own lives and I have always felt in my heart that I was responsible to teach other children in the community to make the same responsible decisions," says Samuel.

The glamorous CEO mom is now focused on getting her son back on track as she hopes that he will fully recover soon and is looking forward to him joining the Dream Catchers Summer Camp program to share his story on how he lost over 100 pounds and lived to see another day by making a wise decision to be safe rather than sorry.

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