The Texas State Fair Auto Show Kicks Off the Auto Show Season Big and Bold According to Foresight Research

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ROCHESTER HILLS, Mich., April 8, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Texas State Fair Auto Show may at first seem like just another exhibit at a much bigger event. Dig a little deeper, as Foresight Research did, and you'll find a rootin' tootin' auto show with huge attendance and plenty of opportunities to interact with car shoppers.

"I've been a big internal proponent of measuring the Texas State Fair Auto Show for four years because of the potential size and scope, and because it kicks off the auto show season. It's not a place where a lot of new products are rolled out or concept cars are released," said Rozann Bruyn of Foresight Research. "This year Foresight expanded from measuring 14 shows to 45 shows, so I finally got the Texas State Fair added to the list. Still, it's such a different kind of show that we didn't know what to expect out of it."

What we didn't expect is that it would be the second largest auto show in the country in estimated attendance, after New York. The auto show was a popular exhibit at the fair - eighty-six percent of people who attended went to the auto show. Attendees weren't just browsing cars like cattle or corn - there were actual auto shoppers. Over forty percent of Texas State Fair Auto Show attendees intended to buy a car in the next 12 months. That's 26% higher than intenders in the Dallas market. Also, one-quarter of the auto show visitors added brands to their consideration list as a result of visiting the show.

The Texas State Fair Auto Show draws fair-goers, and they don't necessarily fit the profile of auto show visitors. Notably, the Fair and auto show draw a female crowd at about 60% of attendees which is the highest rate of women at any auto show, but similar to events like fairs.

"So a huge attendance, plenty of shoppers, and people you don't normally reach through auto shows," said Bruyn. "Turns out the Texas State Fair hosts an auto show like no other. For car companies, we think it is an excellent opportunity to engage with people they might not find at other auto shows. As for Foresight, it looks like it will stay on the list of shows that we measure for the foreseeable future."

Foresight Research surveys over 11,000 auto show attendees in 45 markets through in-display intercepts at the show and post-show internet surveys, and 7,500 new auto buyers for auto show purchase influence.

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