vitaTrackr Expands Organization of Health Data Market With Launch of Strategic Partner Program

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BALTIMORE, April 8, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- vitaTrackr, Inc., the global leader in organizing an independent and agnostic health data market, announces the introduction of its Strategic Partner Program.

"vitaTrackr provides an industry-wide utility function: connecting health data sources and destinations; intermediating consumer consent and transferring value from source to destination," said Brian Baum, founder and CEO of vitaTrackr.

vitaTrackr with an industry-wide 20 member Founding Consortium, is leading the transition to a data enabled era in healthcare. To accommodate interest created from vitaTrackr's March 10 invitation to sixty six companies to form the Founding Consortium, it launched the vitaTrackr Strategic Partner Program. All companies are encouraged to join the movement to bring healthcare to the forefront of data enabled industries.

The primary requirement for participation in the vitaTrackr Strategic Partner Program, all members must embrace the principles of the health data marketplace:

  1. Consumer choice - the individual manages data flow – directly or indirectly;
  2. Data neutrality - organizations compete on value add vs data access;
  3. Data enabled care - from research through delivery, outcomes, innovation and overall efficiency.

In return, vitaTrackr ensures:

  1. Public recognition of each participating organization;
  2. Advanced coordination with vitaTrackr on marketplace development and launch;
  3. Pre-registration in the marketplace as a data source or destination.

"The future of healthcare is data enabled and data neutral; the potential bound only by imagination. Our nation, our citizens, our customers/patients and ultimately – everyone – deserves nothing less than the best that the human mind, science and technology can deliver to ensure 'best health' worldwide," said Baum.

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About vitaTrackr.

vitaTrackr is a health data marketplace facilitating the movement of health data from point of creation to qualified destinations that value it. The vitaTrackr marketplace is an industry-wide utility benefiting all, but advantaging no individual sector or entity. The consumer, (data owner) authorizes data transfers.

CONTACT: Brian Baum CEO, vitaTrackr, Inc. 410.489.2841

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