DynaVox Unveils Free App for Speech-Language Pathologists

PITTSBURGH, April 9, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- DynaVox Systems, LLC, the leading provider of speech-generating solutions and symbol-adapted special education software that assists individuals with overcoming their speech, language and learning challenges, announces the launch of DynaVox Compass for Professionals. Free for all ASHA-certified speech language pathologists (SLPs), DynaVox Compass for Professionals combines the powerful DynaVox Compass app with a training and support program designed specifically for SLPs.

"DynaVox Compass for Professionals gives SLPs free access to the DynaVox Compass app to use on their own iPad or Windows tablet, along with a comprehensive set of training and support tools, to help them better evaluate and serve their clients," said Bob Cunningham, Chief Strategy and Clinical Officer of DynaVox Systems, LLC. "We are excited to be able to offer professionals the most flexible and accessible speech generating software available."

DynaVox Compass for Professionals provides SLPs with a complete ecosystem of tools for their patients that have complex communication needs, including:

  • The DynaVox Compass app, the most comprehensive augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) app on the market;
  • A wide variety of content options, including the popular WordPower® and Gateway© pagesets;
  • All of the custom content designed for the DynaVox T10 and the DynaVox Compass app;
  • The ability to optimize such content based on an individual's condition, skills and needs;
  • A sweeping set of tools including DynaVox's core word strategy – known as Core – as well as Topics, Quickfires, Whiteboard, Rating Scale, Scripts, Behaviors Supports and more; and
  • Use of the myDynaVox sharing site, making it easy for SLPs to work and share content with their patients, and communicate with their peers.

DynaVox is proud to offer DynaVox Compass for Professionals free to ASHA-certified SLPs. This opportunity will allow SLPs to evaluate the app for themselves, while also being able to utilize it for client AAC evaluations, during therapy sessions, and to assist in, amongst other things, goal writing and progress measurement. The app, built by DynaVox's team of clinicians, enhances initial assessment through ongoing therapy, by bringing comprehensive, research-based content to personal devices. DynaVox support teams also provide webinars, videos, resources, and tips to further guide SLPs.

"We are so pleased that DynaVox is making the Compass App available to all ASHA-certified SLPs," said Vicki Clarke, CEO of Dynamic Therapy Associates, Inc., who uses the app at her clinic. "DynaVox Compass for Professionals allows us to become familiar with our patients' language, even when they aren't here in our clinic. We can modify patients' communication pages and share changes over the Internet with families and school teams. And during clinic sessions, we're able to provide aided language input using our own tablets, while our patients use their devices. The app helps us to easily talk to our patients using their own language, which has a huge impact for them and their families."

Simultaneous with the release of the free app, DynaVox is releasing DynaVox Compass 1.3, an exciting new upgrade to DynaVox's core software. This upgrade brings the award-winning SwiftKey® word prediction software to DynaVox Compass. SwiftKey prediction provides users with unparalleled word prediction efficiency and improved communication rates. On DynaVox T10 devices, the 1.3 upgrade delivers the ability to lock users into the DynaVox Compass software, ensuring access to their communication pages at all times. Released last fall, the DynaVox T10 is a proprietary and purpose-built tablet that offers a thin, modern design with unique technical and durability features addressing a broad spectrum of physical and cognitive needs.

DynaVox Compass for Professionals is available for iPad and Windows 7/8 tablets and can be downloaded by visiting www.mydynavox.com/register.

About DynaVox Systems, LLC

DynaVox Systems, LLC, is the leading provider of speech generating devices and symbol-adapted special education software used to assist individuals in overcoming their speech, language and learning challenges. These solutions are designed to help individuals who have complex communication and learning needs participate in the home, classroom and community. Our mission is to enable our customers to realize their full communication and education potential by developing industry-leading devices, software and content and by providing the services to support them. We assist individuals, families, and professionals with an extensive field support organization, as well as centralized technical and reimbursement support. For more information, visit www.dynavoxtech.com.

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