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Top 10 celebrity real estate deals of 2013

When it comes to celebrity real estate, it almost seems like these mega-mansions have revolving doors. Many of the keys end up being passed from one starlet to another.

National real estate brokerage Redfin put together a list of the top celebrity real estate sales of 2013.

The top prize goes to Casa Casuarina, the South Beach mansion once owned by Gianni Versace, which sold for $41.5 million last September. Although the price marked a steep fall from its original $125 million listing, the auction price was high enough to make it the top celebrity real estate deal of the year.

Its current owner plans to turn the 19,000-square-foot estate on Ocean Drive into a hotel.

Click ahead through the slideshow to see the other top celebrity homes that sold last year.

—By CNBC's Amanda Weindel
Posted 9 April 2014

Source: The Jills