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MIAMI, April 10, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- How did a small local program in Miami, FL spark a revolution in criminal justice that has saved nearly 1.5 million people and billions of tax dollars? On Friday, April 11, national leaders will pay tribute to the Miami-Dade Drug Court and the movement it spawned during a special ceremony marking the 25th Anniversary of the most successful criminal justice reform in our nation's history.

There are now over 2,800 Drug Courts nationwide and they are considered the foundation of criminal justice reform sweeping the nation, forever changing the course of a predominate "lock-em up" philosophy in America and proving once and for all that treatment does work when accompanied by accountability. Drug Courts are now recognized as a key reason that 40 years of escalating prison populations have reversed course and are declining.

The event will be live streamed at:

What: National leaders, Drug Court pioneers, program graduates and their families will join together to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Drug Courts.

When: Friday, April 11, 2014 from 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM (Media availability to follow)

Where: The Stephen P. Clark Center, 111 N.W. 1st Street, Miami, Florida 33128


White House Office of National Drug Control Policy Acting-Director Michael Botticelli

Acting Director Botticelli will discuss the Administration's support for Drug Courts and expanding criminal justice reform.

Former White House Office of National Drug Control Policy General (ret.) Barry McCaffrey (1996 to 2001)

General (ret) McCaffrey will discuss how Drug Courts ushered in a new era of justice and drug policy reform and his efforts to expand the program nationwide while serving as the nation's 'Drug Czar.'

National Association of Drug Court Professionals CEO West Huddleston

Mr. Huddleston will speak to the research confirming the unprecedented success of Drug Courts and the expansion of the model to serve DWI offenders, Juveniles, Tribal communities, Families and Veterans.

Justice Policy Institute Director and Architect of the nation's first Drug Court Tim Murray

Mr. Murray will tell the story of how the first Drug Court was conceived

David Markus, Drug Court graduate turned Defense Attorney

Mr. Markus will talk about how the Miami-Dade Drug Court saved his life and his career in law. David is just one of the nearly 1.5 million people who have been through Drug Court in the last 25 years.

Master of Ceremonies: Miami-Dade Presiding Judge Jeri Beth Cohen

Media is invited to attend the event. All speakers will be available to the media. Please RSVP with NADCP Director of Communications Chris Deutsch, 202-222-8105,

Facts of Drug Courts

  • This year marks the 25th Anniversary of Drug Courts.
  • There are now 2,800 Drug Courts nationwide
  • Drug Courts refer more people to treatment than any other system in America.
  • Nationally, 75% of the people who complete Drug Courts are never arrested again.
  • Drug Courts save up to $13,000 for every individual they serve.
  • Drug Courts return up to $27 for every $1 invested.
CONTACT: Chris Deutsch 202-222-8105

Source:Association of Drug Court Professionals