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Cramer: Does Twitter hold key to market?


If you're looking for a so-called market 'tell,' Jim Cramer thinks the price action in Twitter may tell you all you need to know.

Well, Twitter when paired with Microsoft.

Right now the "Mad Money" host says Microsoft is the kind of stock that the market loves. "It absolutely worships at the altar of low-growth and low price-to-earnings," Cramer said.

Twitter, Cramer says, is the polar opposite.

"Twitter is everything Microsoft isn't; cool, hip, loved, no dividend and, alas, no earnings," Cramer said, noting that it's everything the market doesn't like.

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So what's the paired key to this market?

"I think that if you see Twitter start to rally and Microsoft start to really decline, then this incredible rotation out of hyper-growth and into super-value will at last be drawing to a close," Cramer said.

That, Cramer says, will be a meaningful sentiment shift.

"However, if Twitter keeps spiraling down and Microsoft inches still higher, that means the pain is not over for the nosebleed valuation growth stocks."

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And if selling prevails in high valuation stocks, the market will likely follow in step.

Cramer will be watching.

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