KFC debuts chicken drumstick, really!


It's a rite of passage for many, and KFC wants to be there.

The fried chicken purveyor has debuted the first (to our knowledge) chicken drumstick corsage to add a little poultry to the prom this year.


For just $20, buyers will receive a corsage kit from a Louisville, Ky. florist, which includes a $5 KFC gift card that can be used for a drumstick of one's choice—Extra Crispy, Kentucky Grilled Chicken or Original Recipe. (The site advises whichever best matches the dress. We suggest whatever's least greasy.)

Act fast, though, because only 100 corsages are available.

Caveat emptor: KFC's video for the promotion depicts a young man leaning in for the kiss during a slow dance. His date leans in too … but for some bites of chicken.