CCTV Script 14/04/14


— This is the script of CNBC's news report for China's CCTV on April 14, Monday.

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Facebook shares saw a triple-digit run-up in the past 12 months.. soaring over 110% over that period.

The company has been able to take advantage of that stock strength to finance its recent acquisitions of Whatsapp and Oculus.

However, it's not all picture perfect for this social media giant.

Its stock has been taking a beating lately.. falling about 19% from its recent highs.

And same goes with microblogging site Twitter... who saw its stock plunge by 46% from its recent highs.

So what do these price plunges mean for Facebook, Twitter and their pending deals?

CNBC's Morgan Brennan has this report.

They may be considered the best 3 social stocks but when it comes to social, its really FB and everyone else. Analysts are by far most bullish on FB. We've got two new buy ratings just in the past week in the middle of the social sell-off. Facebook growing fastest both in users and in revenue and gang busters growth in mobile. Mobile ads spending up over 200% last year. Also strong user numbers for Instagram, and keep an eye on video ads. Now, lets talk Twitter. Even after falling 7% over the past week, analysts still think the company is overvalued. User growth has been slowing and report out just last week finding that 44% of registered users have never actually tweeted. Still, analysts expecting more growth in incoming quarters, but that may come with more volatility as well. That's thanks to a large lock-up expiration in May. Lastly, Linkedin. Strong Q4 numebrs but a weaker outlook for 2014. Still analysts like the business model which works for job hunters, recruiters and advertisers and some think the 23% fall in the company stock year to date, actually make it a better buy now. Back to you.

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I'm Sri Jegarajah, reporting from CNBC's Asian headquarters.

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