Arylessence President Steve Tanner Honored with Distinguished Fragrance Industry Award

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ATLANTA, April 14, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Steve Tanner, President of Arylessence, Inc., an innovative fragrance and flavor company based near Atlanta, Georgia, was honored with the prestigious Eric Bruell Distinguished Service Award by the International Fragrance Association of North America (IFRA North America). The award recognizes individuals who have made exceptional contributions to the fragrance industry over many years, and is named for Eric Bruell, a legendary figure in the fragrance industry who set a standard of exemplary service to the industry and helped found the industry's professional organization.

Presenting the award, Kim Bleimann, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Berjé, Inc., and Chairman of the Board of Directors of IFRA North America, paid tribute to Steve Tanner's contributions to the fragrance industry, which include promoting high quality standards for fragrance production, advancing the role the fragrance industry plays in the U.S. consumer economy, and protecting the intellectual property of fragrance formulas.

Accepting the award, Steve Tanner paid tribute to Eric Bruell as an industry leader, describing him as 'a one-man industry organization,' as he stressed the importance of helping people and businesses throughout the fragrance industry to grow and expand.

"This is a great honor which I am very proud to accept," said Steve Tanner. "I believe everyone in the fragrance industry has a role to play, not only in promoting the enjoyment of beautifully fragranced products by consumers, but also in advancing the innovative science and research that makes our fragrances safe for people and the environment."

In addition to his role as a member of the IFRA North America board of directors, Steve Tanner has served as a board member of the American Cleaning Institute (ACI), the Consumer Specialty Products Association (CSPA), and the Chemical and Specialty Management Council. He is also co-founder, with Gail Tanner, of the Arylessence Foundation, which serves families dealing with autism.

The award presentation was made at the Annual Spring Dinner of IFRA North America, held in Woodland Park, New Jersey, attended by over 200 industry representatives.

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Arylessence is a leading fragrance and flavor company, based in Marietta, Georgia, and is known for creative innovation in beauty and cosmetics, personal care, laundry and household products, air care, and pharmaceuticals, as well as prepared foods, beverages, and oral care, lip care, and confectionary products. Leaders in the design of natural and organic fragrances, as well as sustainably-produced scents for today's environmentally sensitive products, Arylessence perfumers, application scientists, and marketing experts work closely with clients in a multi-disciplinary, team-based environment. Arylessence provides marketing resources, proprietary developmental processes, and strategic insights to help clients achieve product differentiation, consumer preference, and market leadership. For more about Arylessence:

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IFRA North America represents the fragrance materials industry in the United States and Canada. IFRA North America member companies create and manufacture perfumes and fragrances for personal care, home care, and home design products. The primary focus of the fragrance industry is to ensure the safety of fragrance ingredients and the industry's products. IFRA North America's member companies are strongly committed to the IFRA Code of Practice, the highest safety and environmental standards for fragrance manufacturing and fragrance ingredients. IFRA North America's work is closely coordinated with the fragrance industry's scientific authority, The Research Institute for Fragrance Materials (RIFM), which has been conducting scientific research and developing safety profiles for fragrance materials and their uses for more than 40 years.

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