Eriez Shred1 Ballistic Separator Generates Improved Profits through Better Recovery

Eriez Shred1

Erie-PA, April 15, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- By incorporating the Eriez® Shred1 Ballistic Separator, scrap processors can increase their profits with the ability to supply a very high-grade ferrous product to steel mills. This state-of-the-art unit efficiently separates iron-rich ferrous from much of the mixed metals and waste material in the post drum magnet flow and automatically produces a premium low-copper shred.

Eriez Shred1 Ballistic Separator

Shred1 uses the power of ballistics to deliver two distinct fractions: a premium #1 shred with less than .20 percent copper content and a traditional #2 grade shred. With the worldwide demand for steel on the rise, the Shred1 gives scrap processors an advantage to demand a higher price per ton for their top-quality ferrous shred.

To further enhance recovery, Eriez recommends pairing a Shred1 Ballistic Separator with a P-Rex® Permanent Rare Earth Magnetic Drum. The combination of these two cutting-edge pieces of equipment is referred to as Eriez' CleanStream Process. Not only does the CleanStream Process recover more ferrous and concentrate 75 percent of the post-drum magnet flow into a low-copper premium shred, it also eliminates the need for a scavenger magnet, a z-box air system and hand picking the entire flow.

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