Holey Donuts!, Famed Online Low-Fat Donut Shop, to Open First Retail Location in NYC in May

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NEW YORK, April 15, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Holey Donuts!, www.holeydonuts.net, a company that has successfully sold low-fat donuts exclusively via the Internet for almost 10 years, is opening its first retail location in NYC's Greenwich Village at 101 Seventh Avenue South on May 4th.

Touting itself as offering 'great-tasting donuts without the fat, calories and guilt', the store will carry over 26 varieties of donuts as well as reduced-fat cinnamon buns and smaller cinnamon bun "middles" which are only 2 grams of fat and 150 calories. Each donut -- created by an exclusive, yet secret cooking process that results in a donut with a fraction of the fat of regular donuts -- is 3 to 5 grams of fat compared to 15 to 40 grams in others', contains no artificial sweeteners and will cost $3.85 per donut.

In addition, Holey Donuts! will carry a line of natural juices made from carefully selected fruits and vegetables (non-GMO, kosher, vegan and gluten-free), made by Miami-based company RAAW www.raaw.com. Other beverages offered in the shop include: Live Ultimate Green Tea Plus beverages, made from organic green teas and indigenous potent superfoods, created by the socially conscious South Beach-based firm Live Ultimate, http://liveultimate.com/ultimate-drink-2/, as well as Holey Donuts' own "Simple Coffee" -- Fair Trade, ultra-premium coffee beans selected from Sumatra to Costa Rica and Papua New Guinea to the mountains of Nicaragua.

The store's model will be an environmentally friendly green business with the concept of "nothing on display, nothing to throw away." Instead of keeping shelves full of product, donuts will be ordered from a photo menu board; customers can watch as their fresh donuts are being filled, frosted and boxed seconds after placing their order at the counter.

Created, owned and run by Frank Dilullo, who was literally born into the donut business -- his father was a pioneer in what is today one of the largest donut chains in the country back in 1958. Holey Donuts! got its name when Dilullo created a new method to cook donuts that resulted in them not only being healthier but even better tasting.

" 'Holy s----! These are good,' I exclaimed when I first tasted my experiment," says Dilullo. "And even though these donuts are low-fat they are not diet treats; I set out to make a great tasting donut that will satisfy everyone…and succeeded." Dilullo even had his donuts tested for fat content by one of the largest testing facilities in the country to ensure their low fat content.

Dilullo continues, "Holey Donuts has been solely web-based up until now, yet has garnered a huge online fan base due to social media and word of mouth as evidenced by our 154,000 Facebook fans (https://www.facebook.com/HoleyDonuts), garnered before opening our first store."

There will be a three-day pre-grand opening for fans starting on May 1st who can try to win tickets by emailing info@holeydonuts.net with "New York City Guest List" in the subject line. Attendees will be given free donuts, as well as a reusable Holey Donuts tote bag and more.

About Holey Donuts! www.holeydonuts.net

Founded in 2004 by Frank Dilullo, Holey Donuts operated as a web-based business selling low-fat donuts until May 2014 when it opens its first retail shop in NYC. The firm is environmentally-friendly and works on a "nothing on display, nothing to throw away" mindset, uniquely offering donuts that are hot, fresh and made to order.

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