vitaTrackr Announces Health Data Marketplace Functionality and Infrastructure Philosophy

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Baltimore, April 15, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- BALTIMORE, April 15, 2014 - vitaTrackr, Inc., the global leader in organizing an independent and agnostic health data market today announced details of the specific functions within its marketplace and its philosophy regarding technology.

"The primary function of vitaTrackr is a "market maker/market organizer", said Brian Baum, founder and CEO of vitaTrackr. "It is our intent to leverage the existing innovations, interoperability efforts and standards work that has been accomplished by so many individuals, companies and agencies that have tirelessly devoted their energies to advancing the exchange of data in the healthcare industry."

Mark Calem, Technology Advisor to vitaTrackr provided additional details. Calem stated, the vitaTrackr marketplace consists of four architectural components:

· Data source interface - allows data sources to register in the marketplace, specify their data connectivity method, define their data structure specifications, designate appropriate certifications as needed and define the person identification schema for aligning data with data owner.

· Data destination interface - allows data destinations to define their data preferences, (the source data they are interested in), whether they are seeking identified or de-identified data, the level of authorization and consent they have for data access, their data connectivity method, and the structure in which they will accept data.

· Consumer Portal - provides the capability for consumers to create an account, designate consent for which data destinations can access their data, and view the activity of their data which has flowed through the vitaTrackr marketplace - but not view the contents of the data exchange; a service vitaTrackr encourages third parties to provide.

· vitaTrackr Marketplace engine - performs a variety of functions including: validating the data inputs, transforming it into a standard vitaTrackr record structure, managing/matching consumer identifiers, matching data destination requests with data sources, validating consumer authorizations for data transfers, notifying consumers when a new data transfer authorization is required, transforming the vitaTrackr standard record into the structure required by the destination and managing the financial settlement of the data transaction between source and destination.

Calem added, vitaTrackr will leverage existing health information exchange/ messaging standards (e.g., HL7 and IHE), information model standards (e.g., HL7 v3), and terminology standards (e.g., LOINC and SNOMED) where applicable. However, Calem noted these standards will not be mandated and vitaTrackr will work with both data source and destination providers in the most efficient and effective manner to integrate them into the Marketplace.

vitaTrackr will also leverage technology and infrastructure platforms and best of class solutions to support the needs of the marketplace, and limit customization to only those functions unique to the vitaTrackr marketplace. The vitaTrackr Marketplace will be scalable, secure, and HIPAA compliant, said Calem.

Baum added, the reality is, standards and even mandates do not drive market behaviors. When an organization witnesses their competitors utilize new approaches to business and gain benefit in the market, the scramble to embrace change begins in earnest as the innovation becomes the new standard. The fragmentation of healthcare has kept this dynamic at bay for generations. An independent, neutral data marketplace will unleash this force. The era of health data neutrality is upon us, healthcare will never be the same, said Baum.

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vitaTrackr is a health data marketplace facilitating the movement of health data from point of creation to qualified destinations that value it. The vitaTrackr marketplace is an industry-wide utility benefiting all, but advantaging no individual sector or entity. The consumer, (data owner) authorizes data transfers.


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