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Passenger claims Air Canada let man 'vape' e-cigarette on board

Air Canada plane
Brent Lewin | Bloomberg | Getty Images

An Air Canada flight crew may have accidentally allowed a passenger to use an electronic cigarette during a flight from Calgary to Toronto in violation of the airline's own policy, CBC News reported.

Another passenger on the March 28 flight told CBC News she watched the man "vaping" on an e-cig before he boarded and then during the flight. She said the crew did nothing to stop him, but she also notes she did not report it to the crew until after the plane landed.

"Air Canada's policy, which crews are aware of and uphold, is that e-cigarettes are not permitted to be used on board Air Canada flights," Angela Mah, a spokeswoman for the airline, told CBC News in an email. "Had the crew been aware of or been alerted during the flight about the purported use of an e-cigarette on board, they would have addressed the matter immediately."

The story also notes that some companies exploit the gray area of where the product is allowed: "Many e-cigarette makers advertise that their products will not set off airplane smoke alarms like traditional ignited cigarettes do, and spokespeople from both WestJet and Porter have admitted to CBC News they are not aware whether smoke detectors can detect the vapour."

For the full story, see CBC News.

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