Adapt IP Ventures Announces Multiple IP Portfolios for Sale in the Wearable Health Space

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RALEIGH, N.C., April 16, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Adapt IP Ventures LLC announces two IP portfolios for sale in the Wearable Health Technology space. The portfolios are from different entities and will be of interest to a broad group of buyers. With strong consumer interest in the wearable technology market reaffirmed by 2014 consumer technology trends reports such as the Accenture Digital Consumer Tech Survey 2014, the portfolios are considered complementary and companies with a strategy to connect wearables to the broader collection of interactive digital networks may be interested in acquiring one or both of these portfolios.

Summary of assets for sale in portfolio #1

  • Overview: Patents for devices adjusting (up or down) the outputted volume level of a connected media player based on the sensed heart rate of an individual. The media player is defined as a portable, wearable device (e.g. smartphone or a dedicated media player, outputting sound with or without headphones) or a stationary device (e.g. a television when the user is exercising on stationary workout equipment).
  • Patents: 2 issued US patents (two separate families)

Summary of assets for sale in portfolio #2

  • Overview: A portfolio including a patent and trademarks for a wearable device that accurately measures a person's metabolism through calories burned. The patented technology calculates human caloric expenditures by monitoring and tracking total heat loss from a particular region of a human body.
  • Patent: 1 issued US patent

"We are excited to introduce both of these valuable portfolios to the market with all the hype that wearable technology has generated recently. As the consumer electronics market has seen over the past year, wearable technology has become a new market category generating significant consumer buying interest, particularly in areas of health and wellness." said Grant Moss, Founder and President of Adapt IP Ventures. "To capitalize on this growth opportunity, consumer electronics companies or product companies interested in moving forward with product launches in the wearable space should consider acquiring this IP portfolio as part of their investment and strategy in wearable product innovation."

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