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Growth expected from Google, but not in wearables

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Investors may have been disappointed by Google's first-quarter earnings report, but at least the search giant's forays into gadgets weren't all to blame.

The average so-called "cost per click" from ads on Google search pages fell 9 percent, year over year, the company reported.

And its Google Glass, which went on sale to the public for one day only on Tuesday, still isn't ready to go mainstream, according to Ed Baig, USA Today technology columnist.

"Remember, the people buying it at this stage by and large are techies or people very curious about this. This is not a final, final product yet but any means...People need to know what this thing is going to do, but that's still very much up in the air," Baig said.

Google headquarters in Mountain View, Calif.
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Investors will instead be looking at Google's search ad revenue, especially after the company introduced product listing ads to attract its users advertisers products relevant to search terms.

Of its up-and-coming tech, Baig said Google's modular phone is the Google device to watch out for.

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"This kind of modular phone that folks will be able to kind of buy a frame and ultimately you'll be able to plug in you know a new Wi-Fi radio or plug in a new camera...This is very early stuff, but that's something to watch moving forward," Baig said.