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Case Study: Boyaa's "Texas Hold 'Em"
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LOS ANGELES, April 17, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- YeahMobi's – the global affiliate platform and a subsidiary of NDP Media Corp – annual revenue has reached 70m US dollars according to the third media report. A representative of YeahMobi said that this was great news for the company because they can raise the volume of business in the industry, and crucially with big data they can improve mobile affiliate research and application! Big Data analysis of a game or app's actual downloads to user accounts can harvest valuable data, and can lead to improved promotion results and ultimately get more business.

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"Bigger and more valuable user acquisition is crucial for the global app and game development business. It would be great if we could better apply big data to the mobile affiliate platform, and YeahMobi's success this year with Boyaa's "Texas Hold 'Em" just goes to prove it," says CEO Peter Zou.

Mainly, the affiliate market has the opportunity to gather a vast amount of data, and can use it in the first instance to select the most effective sales channels. This way, the affiliate platform can save costs and raise products' ROI.

At the same time, having detailed analysis helps developing businesses. Not only can it save promotion costs at the early stages, but it can also give feedback on user account movement at the mid-to-late stages, so businesses can adapt their products in good time. For example, businesses can check which game outposts are causing drops in user accounts, and see which stages a user account will play to until it stops paying. A real-time response that provides this sort of data can help businesses to optimize their products and raise their LTV.

The combination of these three things – the big data affiliate platform, developing businesses and mobile channels – can promote a mutually beneficial market.

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