Why Nike's plan to sell wearables is not working

Lauren Goode and James Temple
Nike fires FuelBand team: CNET

Nike has laid off several workers in its Fuelband division, which makes the computerized wristbands that help wearers track their physical activity and learn new habits. The layoffs point to a growing realization that wearables are just a tough sell, according to Re/code.

Several companies have had glitches with their products. Fitbit had to issue a recall on one of its wristbands after it was supposedly giving people rashes. Jawbone's UP malfunctioned, forcing a company apology and a generous return policy.

But the biggest obstacles to sales are likely less dramatic. Customers may just not really like wearing wearables. Data suggest users lose interest in the devices after a few months of use, and frequently complain about comfort, design, and ease of use.

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By Lauren Goode and James Temple, Re/

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