Apple's can't text and drive tech patent

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Apple doesn't want you to text and drive. And here's what it's done to stop you.

Apple has won a patent for a "driver handheld computing device lock-out," according to Apple Insider.

This iPhone technology turns off texting by drivers by using a lock-out mechanism that works with on-board sensors, Apple Insider says. The car is also able to transmit blocking signals to an iPhone, stopping a driver from receiving and sending texts, according to Apple Insider.

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The report of the patent comes as tech titans are knocking at your car door. Last month, Apple announced CarPlay, a technology that lets consumers use their iPhone to make calls, listen to music and more in their car. Apple partnered with Mercedes-Benz to bring CarPlay to Mercedes' C-Class series by the end of the year.

Google has partnered with Audi and others to bring Android to cars.

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