GeneralTouch Launches All-New Curved Touch Solution for Innovative Applications

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CHENGDU, China, April 22, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- GeneralTouch is now making curved Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) touch available as a highly customizable touchscreen solution to meet the novel needs of our clientele.

The evolution of curved touch technology is primarily provoked by the arrival of curved display. For instance, in the past year, major global display makers had introduced curved TV and monitors. Some vendors in the vertical market caught on and innovated curved display modules which can be employed in gaming slot machines and motor vehicle console.

The mainstream touch technologies include resistive, capacitive, SAW, infrared, etc. In principle, curved touch is best achieved by utilizing SAW touch technology. SAW touchscreens are based on mechanical waves transmitting on the glass surface; and regardless of flat, spherical or cylindrical glass surfaces, those waves will transmit without any inhibition. Hence, its touch performance is not compromised.

As the second most prolific provider of SAW touch products in the world, GeneralTouch has the capability of offering curved touch from 5.4" to 42" in cylindrical, parabolic or combination formats with versatile curved surface parameters in accordance with the customer's requirements. Furthermore, curved SAW touchscreens inherit and enjoy the benefits of SAW technology such as high reliability, protracted durability, sharp image clarity and vandal proofing; just to name a few. Combined with GeneralTouch's iSurface technology, curved SAW touch can be bezel-less.

To stay ahead of the competition, adopting GeneralTouch's curved SAW touch technology to differentiate product design could be the key. Please contact your GeneralTouch's regional sales representative for more details.

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GeneralTouch (GT) was established in 2000 and has since become a leading touch solution provider to the global market, manufacturing a wide range of touch screen, touch monitor products and solutions. GT capitalizes on advanced technologies while keeping abreast with the leading trend of the touch market. We offer our customers an extensive array of touch solutions and help them to determine the most appropriate choice for their specific needs. Through our consistent and high quality performance, we have proven to be reliable and trustworthy partners when it comes to providing touch solutions. Consequently, our products have been widely used in industries related to finance, gaming, retail, kiosk, healthcare, education, etc.

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