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Jim Cramer believes that there are new realities at play deep inside the market. Before you put your next dollar to work, he says you better have a handle on them.

"These new realities are happening behind the scenes," said the "Mad Money" host. As an individual investor you might not know about them "but they're making the market more resilient than one could expect."

Of all the new realities perhaps none is more powerful than the , which Cramer calls a secret positive.

That may sound counter-intuitive, after all, conventional wisdom suggested that when the Fed slowed its bond buying program interest rates would rise and the stock market would fall.

However, none of that has happened. In fact, that's what makes it a secret positive.

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"The Fed has been tapering on a methodical basis and it hasn't caused rates to rise one bit," Cramer noted. As it turns out, the taper was not the proverbial sword of Damocles hanging over the market as so many pundits had feared."

In turn, the fear went from getting caught in a Fed-induced decline to missing the advance that has accompanied the taper. Buying has ensued.

That's a new reality in the market. And it isn't the only one.

In addition, many pros expected a lackluster earnings season. "But it's been quite the opposite. We are seeing very big revenue growth at, United Technologies, Wells Fargo, Alcoa and American Express, Netflix, Coca-Cola and ," Cramer said.

Pros must now reconcile that the state of American business may be better than expected.

That's another new reality in the market.

In turn, these new realities have generated a virtuous ripple.

"For example, there had been concern about declines in high multiple stocks," Cramer said. Until recently, the weakness had been considered a problem. "But now it's being viewed as a healthy development; now the market is saying 'phew' it's a good thing they're going down. It's a sign we're not in a bubble."

Cramer says the new realities are generating similar positives inside other parts of the markets too.

"Biotech stocks are starting to attract money again, in part due to the Allergan takeover bid; even unloved banks have started to attract buyers as value propositions."

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All told, Cramer says these new realities in the market are providing powerful tailwinds.

"They're creating a very benign environment, even when you would expect the opposite," Cramer said. And as noted above, "they're making the market more resilient than one would expect."

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