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VENTURA, Calif., April 23, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Clean Diesel Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq:CDTI) ("CDTi" or the "Company"), a leader in advanced emissions control solutions, is pleased to announce that it has received an expanded verification from the California Air Resources Board ("CARB") for its Purifilter® EGR emission reduction system. The expanded verification presents additional market opportunity for CDTi attributable to a greater range of vehicle applications, such as those operating with lighter loads and lower exhaust temperatures.

The uniquely designed Purifilter® EGR, featuring CDTi's proprietary MPC® technology, is a passively-regenerating diesel particulate filter that provides exceptional filtration and regeneration efficiency for the removal of particulate matter from exhaust gas recirculation ("EGR") equipped heavy duty diesel on-road engines. Purifilter® EGR is verified by both the United States Environmental Protection Agency ("EPA") and CARB for on-road vehicle applications. The product addresses a significant number of EGR equipped heavy duty trucks currently subject to the California Truck and Bus Regulation, which requires diesel trucks and buses that operate in California to be upgraded to reduce emissions by various deadlines.

CDTi also offers the CARB and EPA verified Purifilter® for non-EGR engines, and Purifilter® Plus, which features on-board active regeneration capability with no duty cycle requirement for low load applications. CDTi products feature advanced catalyst technologies which are developed and produced at the Company's Oxnard, California catalyst facility. In addition to heavy duty applications, CDTi's catalyst technologies are utilized by OEM's to meet light duty vehicle emission regulations.

"With the expanded CARB verification for Purifilter® EGR issued, CDTi can assist fleet managers to more broadly retrofit their vehicles to reduce harmful emissions. Our Purifilter® EGR emission reduction system covers the bulk of 2004-2006 engines which are expected to comprise a large portion of the retrofit engines subject to CARB's Truck and Bus Regulation. This expanded verification significantly enhances our competitive position to be the retrofit supplier of choice for this important truck population. With over 30 years of extensive retrofit experience and a large distributor network, we are absolutely prepared and committed to addressing this important market opportunity," said Ian MacDonald, Vice President of Sales & Marketing.

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CDTi is a vertically integrated global manufacturer and distributor of emissions control systems and products, focused on the heavy duty diesel and light duty vehicle markets. CDTi utilizes its proprietary patented Mixed Phase Catalyst (MPC®) technology, as well as its ARIS® selective catalytic reduction, Platinum Plus® fuel-borne catalyst, and other related technologies to provide high-value sustainable solutions to reduce emissions, increase energy efficiency and lower the carbon intensity of on- and off-road combustion engine systems. CDTi is headquartered in Ventura, California and currently has operations in the U.S., the U.K., Canada, France, Japan and Sweden. For more information, please visit

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