Your Money, Your Future
Your Money, Your Future

Deepak Chopra's guide to thinking rich

Deepak Chopra on 'Thinking Rich'
Deepak Chopra on 'Thinking Rich'

Many people may dream of becoming wealthy. Some say having a certain type of mindset can actually help to create affluence.

Deepak Chopra, physician, educator and best-selling author, is a firm believer. He offers three strategies that can help you visualize your financial dreams and turn them into reality.

First, be grateful for wealth, not only in monetary terms.

"You want the kind of wealth that will make for a better life for you and for those that you love," Chopra told CNBC. "Be grateful for whatever you have, even if it's very little. When you express your gratitude and you count your blessings, that opens the window to what I call abundance consciousness. And then it opens up opportunities for you."

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Next, focus on your "abundance consciousness."

Recognize talents that you have and the way that you express them that makes you unique. "Society has needs for security, for love and belonging, for health and well-being, for self-esteem, for creative expression and for higher consciousness. Think what do you have that can help one of those needs," Chopra said.

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Finally, always be on the lookout for new opportunities.

"What I call 'good luck,' is just opportunity meeting preparedness," Chopra said. "So every day ask yourself: 'What kind of life do I want for myself? What kind of products and services can I produce? Who are the people I will connect?' Recognize that every encounter that you have, every relationship you have can give you the opportunity through meaningful coincidences to become extremely wealthy."

Chopra's bottom line: "Rather than think rich, think abundance."

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