WeChat ads target Zuckerberg and Facebook

WeChat commercial promoting it's app.
WeChat | YouTube

The messaging app WeChat took a jab at Facebook with two video ads posted in the past few weeks to kick off its "Crazy for WeChat" campaign.

"I invented the social network, and now my friends—they're un-friending me," an actor posing as Mark Zuckerberg says despondently in the first ad uploaded on March 20.

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A psychiatrist tells the distraught founder of Facebook that he has "friendophobia" and that "with WeChat friends' radar function, Mark can find 'real friends.'"

The psychiatrist takes a sterner approach in a second ad as he calls Mark's frustration "a cry for help." He then tells Mark's lawyers that they can deal with anger over WeChat with an animated sticker available in the messaging app.

WeChat is owned by China's tech conglomerate Tencent, which is also the founder of QQ, China's ubiquitous instant messaging and social networking service with 808 million users. At 355 million users, WeChat trails the 500 million users of WhatsApp, recently acquired by Facebook for $19 billion.

Contacted by The Wall Street Journal, Tencent said it was investigating whether or not the ads originated with the company.

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WeChat's South Africa YouTube channel posted both videos, which are part of the new advertising effort. "We're putting celebrities and public figures on the psychiatrist's (couch) and having a quirky, Freudian doctor psychoanalyse them," the description said. Last week, the patient was radio host Gareth Cliff.

Facebook didn't immediately return CNBC's request for comment Thursday.