Aéropostale files lawsuit against rival H&M

Adam Jeffery | CNBC

The battle between fast-fashion stores and teen retailers intensified on Thursday.

According to an article by Fashionista, Aéropostale filed a lawsuit in Manhattan federal court against Swedish retailer H&M for using its trademarked phrase "Live Love Dream" on pieces of apparel and accessories. Aéropostale said in the complaint that it had notified H&M of the infringement, but the company did not remove the merchandise from its stores.

Fordham Law professor Susan Scafidi told the website that Aéropostale filed the suit for two reasons: to show that it is not a "soft target," and because the two retailers target the same type of customer.

"Rivalries at a similar level are very bitter. Think Christian Louboutin suing [Yves Saint Laurent] over its red soles. A company decides to pull the trigger when it sees a whole pattern of things going on. It says 'enough' finally," Scafidi told Fashionista.

The lawsuit marks the latest round in the battle between teen retailers and their fast-fashion foes, which continue to steal sales by offering trendy clothes at low prices.

Aéropostale's Live Love Dream collection features activewear and intimates. The company also operates a store under the nameplate at the Mall of America, and at a handful of other malls around the country.

H&M did not immediately respond to the publication's request for comment.

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