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Boston Beer's Jim Koch has a secret for not getting drunk

Samuel Adams founder and Boston Beer Chairman Jim Koch is the envy of many beer drinkers.

His tale of taking his grandfather's beer recipe and using it to build the largest craft brewer in the United States has been told countless times. It's a journey that by some accounts has made Koch a billionaire.

Koch is also a legendary consumer of the beverage he holds so dear. In what might be one of best sign-offs in the television business, Koch concludes each interview with a hearty sip of his signature Boston Lager, regardless of the time of day.

When asked in a recent episode of CNBC's "Chew and Brew," Koch wholeheartedly admitted he has likely put down more than 21,000 beers in his lifetime.

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But while Koch is known for consuming a lot of beer, he's also known for his ability to handle his alcohol.

Jim Koch
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Now in an interview with Esquire Magazine, Koch reveals his secret to staying in control while drinking.

Koch said the key to keeping his beer consumption in check is Fleischmann's dry yeast, the same yeast bakers have relied on for more than 140 years. Before he starts drinking, Koch ingests one teaspoon of yeast for each beer he'll be drinking and mixes the powder with yogurt to improve the taste of the yeast.

Koch is quick to point out his trick will "mitigate" the effects of alcohol, not eliminate them.

Now that Koch has revealed his secret to drinking all night long, perhaps he will next share how he can drink so much beer and remain so thin.

To read the full interview, click here.

—By CNBC's Tom Rotunno.