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Cramer’s game plan: Stock strategies amid earnings, Ukraine

How global tensions will impact markets

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With the market in the thick of earnings, next week promises to be an eventful five days for investors.

And with geopolitical concerns again heating up in Russia, even the best results may fail to lift stocks.

Nonetheless, Jim Cramer believes there are a slew of events scheduled for the week ahead that could make you money. Here's what he'll be watching.

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Mon., April 28

On Monday, earnings from Corning will get Cramer's undivided attention. "I have to tell you this venerable outfit has become a go-to tech value name, up 16 percent for the year already," Cramer said. "Corning makes Gorilla Glass for iPhone screens, and given that Apple reported much better iPhone sales, I have to believe that Corning might surprise, too. This one could be a good tell about how the companies I call value tech might fare for the rest of the week."

Also Cramer will be watching results from Herbalife. "Has hedge fund titan Bill Ackman's campaign against it hurt the company's sales and recruiting? Or will it put up a huge number? I actually can't wait to find out."

Tues., April 29

On Tuesday, Cramer will be looking for a 'tell' from two speculative high fliers.

"The first is 3D systems, the three dimensional printing company that reports before the bell. If it reports a bad number and goes down, so be it. However, if it reports a good number and gets hammered then look out below for all the high fliers."

"The second is Twitter which also reports after the bell. I suspect Twitter might be doing better than many suspect and it could bounce on a short-covering rally, but Facebook reported a spectacularly better than expected number this week and it's been a one-way ticket down ever since." Twitter may be more of the same.

Wed., April 30

On Wednesday, Cramer will be following Time Warner very closely as it reports earnings. "I have to tell you if this market keeps getting hammered into the end of Tuesday, you might want to pick up some Time Warner right at the close. I suspect that this company, with its terrific programming and fabulous HBO product, could issue a great report. And if I'm wrong, the huge buyback could always bail you out shortly thereafter."

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Also Cramer will be looking for insights from Actavis, a specialty pharma firm. "This could be next week's 'tell' for how the entire cohort fares. Can Actavis bail the group out? I wouldn't bet that way, but stranger things have happened."

Thurs., May 1

On Thursday, Cramer will turn his attention to earnings from Mastercard. "I've got to admit, I am really worried about this one," he said. "Mastercard has a huge cross border business and very large Russian exposure, so I see plenty of cause for concern. I say be careful."

In addition, Cramer will be watching quarterly results from T-Mobile. "I think this company's price cutting has truly turned the cell-phone industry's pricing upside down. I bet all of the phone companies get bashed when T-Mobile reports its sign-ups. But be prepared to buy AT&T or Verizon on Friday, simply because their yields will give them a cushion by then."

Fri., May 2

On Friday, Cramer will give results from Chevron serious attention. "My charitable trust took profits in this stock, in part because it, like all of the oil and gas names, has been roaring ahead of late. I think the group's due for a breather. And nobody ever got hurt taking a profit."

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