Dentist in Mexico Encourages Budget Friendly General Dentistry

TIJUANA, Mexico, April 27, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A dentist in Mexico is calling dental care in Mexico an affordable alternative for many Americans. Dr. Arnulfo Vasquez says many patients in the U.S. are seeing an increase in dental costs and avoiding general dentistry visits. This can result in the need for more advanced procedures in the long run, such as dental implants. The doctor encourages patients to seek affordable dental care on a regular basis and says one solution that's gaining traction is to look south of the border for dental implants and other dental treatments.

For many families, general dentist visits are afterthoughts rather than the rule, says one dentist practicing in Mexico. Dr. Arnulfo Vasquez, of Implant Art Center in Tijuana, stresses "Avoiding dental care is bad for patients of all ages. Healthy smiles are the gateway to a healthy body. It's important to begin creating lifelong habits that promote good dental health at an early age."

Dr. Vazquez acknowledges that there is a wide need for quality dental services at affordable prices throughout the U.S. saying, "It's one of the things that prompted our location, so close to the U.S. border. We wanted to fill the need for cost-effective dental solutions, like dental implants, to a wider audience."

Implants are a permanent addition to a patient's smile line when a natural tooth has been lost for any reason. Dental implants are often recommended over a bridge because they can stop the wearing down of bone and further decay of surrounding teeth. The titanium screws used to secure implants stimulate growth in the bone where deterioration would have otherwise occurred.

"Pain management is another important detail we understand at Implant Art Center," claims Dr. Vasquez. He goes on to state, "That is why we offer oral sedation dentistry to our patients." Oral sedation dentistry, while not a pain reducer itself, helps patients relax throughout a procedure. The dentist explains that patients are often placing them in a dreamlike state to remove feelings of anxiety during the placement of implants, or other procedures like root canals and extractions.

Dr. Vasquez adds that he understands how easy it is for families to put off much-needed preventative dental care and necessary treatments when money is tight. He warns against this, though, saying, "Prevention will always be the best treatment in dental care. The sooner families bring their dental problems to us, the greater the odds are that we'll be able to not only save the tooth or teeth in question, but also preserve the smile. Saving smiles is our ultimate goal."

Implant Art Center offers a wide range of services including low cost root canals, crowns, veneers, white composite fillings, dentures, implant dentures, bridges, and more. The facilities are thoroughly modern, offering advanced tools for dentistry.

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