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Eric Decker wants to help you with your 'problems'


Eric Decker has it pretty rough.

He's gorgeous. He has a gorgeous wife. They just had a baby. They have their own reality show on E! Decker is a professional football player who spent three years with the Denver Broncos and has been traded to the New York Jets.

What a train wreck.

As Decker struggles to adjust to a new life in a new city with a new baby ... rolling in the money ... Ruffles has hired the wide receiver to be its frontman for a funny promotion called "Rough Life."

Eric Decker tries to avoid a tackle against the New England Patriots, January 19, 2014, during his days with the Denver Broncos.
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In a handful of Youtube videos, Decker helps mock problems that aren't really problems, with lots of potato chip-eating along the way. (Frankly, eating potato chips has always been my go-to solution to any problem, though Eric Decker can feel free to help me anytime.)

In my favorite clip, a man faces a dilemma. He promised his gal a "date night," but it's the same night as the NFL draft. Decker steps in to play the guy's double (as if), and the girlfriend/wife is none the wiser, until she grabs his muscled arm.

Move over, Clay Matthews, football may have a new funny man.

The videos are part of a tie-in with the NFL Draft on May 8. Fans can tweet their problems-which-aren't-really-problems and win prizes. A couple of my favorite tweets include, "Overhearing the doctors debating on whether they're gonna get this BMW or that Mercedes," by @wojckv14, and, from @MaChapp3, "Toughest Decision of the day: beach or pool?"

Ruffles, owned by Frito-Lay, owned by Pepsico, won't reveal what it's paying the football player to promote the online-only campaign. But why pick Eric Decker?

A company rep said: "Decker was the perfect choice because his life is a #RoughtLife story ... he moved from an NFL franchise where he was already well-established, to a team in one of the most exciting cities in the world. That's a #RoughLife."


Other 'rough life' problems

Will all of this help sell potato chips? Do you even need a campaign to sell potato chips? THEY'RE POTATO CHIPS. THEY SELL THEMSELVES.

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Still, I do have a few "rough life" problems which require Eric Decker's attention.

--Drivers who get in the fast lane and slow down.

--Our collective insistence on using #hashtags in #every #sentence.

--Little old ladies who pull out checkbooks in the grocery store and write very, very slowly.

--People who say "at the end of the day" and "deep dive."

--The entire 405 freeway. Eric Decker, if you can shave even five minutes off the commute, I'll buy you a lifetime's worth of Ruffles.

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—By CNBC's Jane Wells; Follow her on Twitter: @janewells