California drove Toyota out of state: Torrance Mayor

Impact of Toyota's move out of California
Impact of Toyota's move out of California

Torrance Mayor Frank Scotto blames the state of California for Toyota Motor's decision to relocate its North American headquarters from the city to Plano, Texas.

"The state of California lost Toyota," Scotto said on "Power Lunch" Tuesday.

He pointed to a number of issues in the Golden State that negatively affect companies' bottom line: tax structure, workers' compensation and liability insurance.

Toyota Motor Corp dealership in Richmond, California.
Toyota withdrawal an economic blow to California city

"There are so many other levels of problems that we face in California that make it very difficult for any business to be in the state of California," he added.

Toyota has operated its North American headquarters in the suburb south of Los Angeles for more than 30 years.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry gives the keynote speech at the California Republican Party convention in Anaheim, Calif.
Rick Perry wants your business. How about your vote?

Scotto, who expressed his disappointment with the automaker's decision outside the Torrance City Hall Monday, reiterated his sentiment on "Power Lunch" Tuesday: "Making this move now, and the fact that we have very little to do or say about keeping them here is really disappointing," he said.

The closing of the headquarters will affect thousands of jobs. Scotto said Torrance plans to "aggressively go after" other companies that want to relocate to the city.

Toyota's move is seen as a victory for the Lone Star State, which has been courting California businesses.

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—By Jaewon Kang, Special to CNBC.