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Under Armour takes NYC by storm

Under Armour CEO: Opportunity to be no. 1 brand in world

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Jim Cramer often talks about Under Armour as a stealth tech stock.

"CEO Kevin Plank devotes a huge amount of time on his quarterly conference calls explaining the company's latest scientific breakthroughs," Cramer said.

But at the end of the day, no matter how cutting edge the technology behind the clothing may be, Under Armour is seller of athletic apparel.

And this week, the company took another step forward in its attempts to surpass Nike as the biggest athletic apparel maker on the planet. Under Armour opened its largest store to date in New York City.

"It took us 18 years to get to this point but you don't get to New York City in year one," said Plank during an interview on "Mad Money."

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And according to Plank's comments, Under Armour is just getting warmed up.

"When you look at us versus the competition, in the past they were 25 times our size. Now they're 10 times our size and next year they will be 8 times their size. We like the trajectory."

Cramer likes it too.

He's been a long-term fan of the company and its stock for quite some time.

Over the long-term Cramer believes the company's aggressive growth and its commitment to stealth technology are bullish catalysts

"Remember, Under Armour first became a household name by inventing an entirely new category of sportswear, a moisture-wicking compression-fit apparel made from advanced synthetics that keeps your body at a healthy and comfortable temperature while drying out faster than traditional athletic wear," Cramer said.

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That's bold and innovative, Cramer said, and if anything Plank intends to get even more aggressive.

Cramer explores Under Armour's prized new store

"We're not a one trick pony. We're a mutli-dimensional brand. We have a lot of growth in front of us. In fact, we have the opportunity to be the number one brand in the world," Plank said.

Cramer is a buyer, albeit a strategic buyer.

"The stock's been under a huge amount of pressure lately, a victim of Wall Street's sudden turn against expensive fast growing momentum names and their high price to earnings ratios," Cramer said. "But this is the kind of stock that you think about buying on a selloff, not when its flying high."

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