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Victoria, B.C, Canada, April 29, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- GenoLogics Life Sciences Software, a leading provider of laboratory information management systems (LIMS) specifically designed for -omics labs, announced today that the 3.0 release of Clarity LIMS further supports the growing needs of genomics labs working in clinical environments, including those that are HIPAA-covered entities. This version includes cloud-based features that ensure system security and patient data privacy. In addition, the new release also provides several new features for reagent and lot tracking to further meet clinical standards.

The support for HIPAA-covered entities introduced for Clarity LIMS Gold--one of the Clarity editions--ensures that patient data are secure by enlisting a private cloud within a high-security data center. The new cloud feature is governed by a Business Associate Agreement, which is a contract between GenoLogics and the clinical genomics entity, specifying exactly how the HIPAA-protected data must be stored and managed. Furthermore, setup and ongoing management of this new cloud-based feature are handled by HIPAA-trained support staff at GenoLogics.

The new version also introduces new features for reagent and lot management. Reagent and lot tracking within Clarity LIMS enables laboratories to track and manage each reagent and its associated lot numbers as part of a workflow and ensures that expired reagents or non-validated reagents or lots are not being used with clinical samples.

"Over half of our customers provide sequencing services in a clinical environment," states Michael Ball, CEO of GenoLogics. "Furthermore, the low cost of sequencing and the ability to integrate these data into common medical practice indicate that many labs will soon transition to providing at least some clinical sequencing services," adds Ball. "Providing features that support compliance demonstrates our unwavering commitment to provide the best information management software for life sciences."

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