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From CNBC 25, Cramer anoints fave five

Cramer: Zuckerberg 'bankable'
Cramer: Zuckerberg 'bankable'

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In celebration of CNBC's 25th anniversary, the network recently released 'The List: CNBC First 25,' a list of 25 people the network judged to have had the most profound impact on business and finance since 1989, the year CNBC went live. (Read MoreThe List: CNBC First 25)

Looking at the list through the "Mad Money" prism, Jim Cramer has identified five companies that he says belong on your radar right now.

He's made these selections simply because they're run by visionaries selected by CNBC, and at current levels, Cramer feels they're either buyable or buys on a dip.

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Run by CEO Howard Schultz, and #14 on the CNBC list, Jim Cramer has been a long-time fan of Starbucks stock due to the vision of its leader.

"Lots of people think this stock's tapped out, hence why it's been stalled at $70 lately. I look at that as an opportunity to get into one of the highest quality growth companies ever," Cramer said.

Here's why:

"First, is technology. Mobile initiatives introduced by Howard Schultz have put his company light-years ahead of the competition Second is tea and Schultz' acquisition of Teavana. Third is the drive-thrus, lunch initiatives, late afternoon offerings and more that generate much higher revenue per store. Finally, there's the insatiable demand for Starbucks coffee. The company could triple in size and still not meet the demand."

All told, "I want to buy Starbucks right here," Cramer said


Cramer sees Facebook as a bet on CEO Mark Zuckerberg, #8 on the CNBC list, and he believes that's a bet that will pay off.

"Zuckerberg did something amazing that pretty much sums up who he is, and why he's so bankable," Cramer said. "After the company IPO'd, he looked at the mobile strategy and said he blew it. He recognized that the company needed the best mobile strategy in the world including unobtrusive ads. And he promised that's what he would deliver. Then, he totally delivered ahead of schedule with a product that's the envy of the industry."

Cramer believes strongly that the potential facing any company that can harness mobile is enormous. Therefore, "I also want to buy Facebook right here," Cramer said.


Cramer sees Oracle as a bet on Larry Ellison, #10 on the list, and although he'd like Oracle to become even more aggressive in the cloud, he thinks valuations make the stock attractive.

"At 14 times earnings, it's worth a look. Oracle has joined the list of companies that big portfolio managers are gravitating toward because it has a lot of cash, pays a good dividend, retires a lot of shares and has gotten religion about the cloud. I don't know if the stock will ever come in to where I can pound the table but maybe that doesn't matter."

"On a pullback, I'm a buyer," Cramer said.


"Now, Google's kind of sticky here. The quarter, while wildly profitable, just didn't deliver. I didn't like that Nest acquisition. I think they invest in too many extraneous things. The stock needs to come down to take those flaws into account."

However, Cramer still believes Larry Page, Sergey Brin and Eric Schmidt, #4 on the list, are investable leaders.

"Long-term, the company could own the world. And if you back out all the cash, Google it sells at a price to earnings multiple equal to the average stock in the S&P 500. That's not too shabby"

"On a pullback, I'm a buyer," Cramer said.

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Berkshire Hathaway

Cramer thinks it's a mistake to bet against perhaps the best investor of the modern age, Warren Buffett, #6 on the list.

"Whenever you start reading negative articles about Warren Buffett's stock picking, as I have lately, that's exactly when you have to go all in on Buffett. And it sure makes sense. In a time when people want value, his Berkshire Hathaway portfolio is chock full of it."

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