StarStream Entertainment Forms Bentley House Productions

LOS ANGELES, April 30, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- StarStream Entertainment (OTCQB:SSET) announced today the formation of Bentley House Productions, a production company led by StarStream Entertainment, Dylan Harris, and Zoë Worth.

Bentley House Productions is a partnership between Harris and Worth of The Collectin and combines their creative ethos with the established production capabilities of StarStream Entertainment. Bentley House Productions is named after a dilapidated house on Bentley Avenue in Westwood where members of The Collectin are known to meet and workshop material. Harris and Worth previously served as consultants for StarStream Entertainment, while running their own masthead, character/actor-based group The Collectin. The Collectin is an LA based arts group, co-founded by Worth and actor Alden Ehrenreich, which produces only original works, and casts from within their pool of actors, performing for each other in a collaborative space.

BLACKOUT, written by and starring Zoë Worth, will be the company's first film. The film will be produced by Dylan Harris and Kim Leadford for Bentley House Productions, alongside Julia Roth. BLACKOUT follows Phoebe, a high school senior, who struggles her way through Los Angeles the morning after getting blackout drunk - searching for her missing college portfolio. While battling her corrupt relationship with a predatory photographer, she must use her friends' and foes' conflicting memories of Halloween night in order to fill in the blanks of what went wrong and make it to her college interview on time with portfolio in hand.

Zoë Worth currently stars in the successful web-series "Chloe + Zoë," which she created with Chloe Searcy, who also stars in the show. Kim Leadford and Dylan Harris currently serve on the production team for the series, along with Charlie Alderman and Tim Nye and Dan Leadford of StarStream. Harris, Worth and Pete Pietrangelli and Tattijani Riberio recently teamed up to produce SHUT UP AND DRIVE, starring Sarah Sutherland and Worth, for StarStream and The Collectin. The film was executive produced by Kim Leadford, Charles Bonan, Felipe Dieppa, and Daniel McCarney for StarStream Entertainment and is currently in post production.

A24 Films is releasing StarStream Entertainment's LIFE AFTER BETH and Lionsgate & Roadside Attractions will release StarStream's LIFE OF CRIME in 2014; the films premiered at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival and 2013 Toronto International Film Festival respectively.

About StarStream Entertainment:

StarStream Entertainment is a theatrical motion picture production and financing company focused on producing and financing edgy, high quality motion pictures with strong cast and lean budgets for a commercial audience.

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About The Collectin:

The Collectin is a group of actors, writers, producers and directors who collaborate on films and performances. We strive to tailor every piece we produce toward the strengths of our specific artists. For more information on "Chloe + Zoe," please visit: For more information on The Collectin, please visit:

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