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Regis Philbin sours on Apple, looks to Amazon

Regis sells some Apple shares

Regis Philbin, who has a knack for picking stocks, told "Fast Money" Wednesday that he had sold part of his Apple position this week.

"I've been with Apple up and down for a long time now, " said Philbin. "All of the sudden it started leaping getting higher and higher this week. And, so I sold all of my $300s and $400s."

OptionMonster's Guy Adami said the TV icon made a great trade.

Regis, who was helping CNBC celebrate its 25th anniversary, now has his eye on Amazon. He believes the stock could breakout.

"I just got a feeling that he's (CEO Jeff Bezos) going to come through with big stuff and by the time this year is over it will be over $400," said Regis.