Health Care Services Expanded As Alameda Hospital Officially Joins Alameda Health System

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ALAMEDA, Calif., May 1, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Alameda Hospital officially joined Alameda Health System (AHS) following an overnight change of hospital license at 12:01 am today. The affiliation strengthens Alameda Hospital's ability to continue health care operations and culminates months of planning following the approval of a Joint Powers Agreement by the governing boards of both organizations.

"Alameda Health System is proud to play an important role in preserving local care and expanding access at Alameda Hospital," said Wright L. Lassiter, III, Chief Executive Officer of AHS. "Sustaining the hospital is good for economic health as well; protecting jobs and creating new opportunities in response to community needs."

As the second facility to join the AHS family in the last six months, Alameda Hospital provides emergency, inpatient and outpatient services, and long term care. The affiliation provides Alameda residents with access to specialty care that is currently limited or unavailable at Alameda Hospital. It also extends AHS' mission of providing quality, affordable, patient and family centered care for all residents of Alameda County.

"With the support of AHS, Alameda Hospital solidifies its position as the hospital of choice for Alameda residents," said Alameda Hospital's Interim Chief Administrative Officer, Deborah E. Stebbins. "We will strengthen current services including the emergency department, and enhance our campus for the future."

AHS has official operational and governance responsibility for Alameda Hospital. The City of Alameda Health Care District retains ownership of Alameda Hospital's real property and lease holds, and will continue to oversee the parcel tax used for the hospital's operation and long term capital investments. AHS will provide funding for facility improvements, new technology and state-mandated seismic upgrades. The agreement also calls for the District to nominate one member to the AHS Board of Trustees.

About Alameda Health System (AHS)

Alameda Health System, a major public health care provider headquartered in Oakland, California, is recognized as a world-class patient and family centered system of care with more than 4,500 employees, 1,000 physicians and 480 volunteers. Their facilities include Highland Hospital, a major regional trauma center and teaching hospital; Alameda Hospital, an acute care facility providing emergency, inpatient, outpatient, and long-term care services in Alameda; San Leandro Hospital, which provides emergency and inpatient hospital care services; John George Psychiatric Hospital, an acute and emergency care facility in San Leandro; Fairmont Hospital, an acute rehabilitation hospital and skilled nursing facility, also in San Leandro; and four ambulatory wellness centers in Oakland as well as in Newark and Hayward.

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