Solaris Power Cells Selects OEM Vendor for Release of the Solaris Sun Carts(TM)

PALM SPRINGS, Calif., May 1, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Solaris Power Cells, Inc. the creators of the Solaris SMART-CELL "Passive Electron Storage Array" ™, (the "Company") (OTCQB:SPCL) - Germany WKN: A1W9W5 announces after a lengthy evaluation process Solaris Power Cells has selected LVTong as its primary Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) vendor of Limited-use vehicles (LUV) and Golf car chassis. The chassis will be modified with the Solaris Passive-Electron Storage-Array™ Kit transforming Limited Use Vehicles (LUV) and Golf Cars into a Solaris Sun Cart™. The Solaris SMART-Cell™ model of the Sun Car operates completely Lead Acid Battery free, never needs replacement and includes a 15 year Limited Warranty reducing operating, maintenance and utility costs.

Reasons for the selection of LVTong included the known reliability of the Curtis controllers, Advanced Motors by Kinetics, sleek styling, affordability, independent shock absorbers and the use of advanced German design and technology.

The Solaris research and development team has already begun developing its SMART-CELL™ solar golf car conversion kit for the LVTong cars and is looking forward to becoming an value added manufacture of these quality made golf cars for distribution nationwide.

About Solaris

Solaris Power Cells, Inc. (OTCQB:SPCL) is a diversified "green" energy storage manufacturer offering residential and commercial users turnkey, renewable energy storage solutions. Solaris manufactures the Solaris Power Cells™ for limited use electric vehicles such as golf cars. The Solaris Smart-Cell is a 100% lead-free, solid-state storage solution that makes renewable energy greener and better by allowing applications to utilize more of the energy generated. Solaris Power Cells provides a PCBA (printed circuit board assembly) energy storage solution. The Solaris Power Cell™ is capable of providing energy storage to applications normally reliant and equipped with highly toxic lead acid, nickel metal hydride or lithium-ion batteries.

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