Every driver's hero: Man faces fine for jamming phones

A portable pocket-sized cell phone jammer CPB-2000P.
Roslan Rahman | AFP | Getty Images

How to prevent people from driving and using their phones? Block their cellphone signals. That's what a Florida man decided to do with a cellular jamming device he operated during his daily commute. The problem is that the use of these gadgets is illegal.

The Tampa (Florida) Tribune, which reported the story, said the Federal Communications Commission is proposing a $48,000 fine against 60-year-old Jason R. Humphreys.

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The case started when Metro PCS contacted the FCC because a transmission tower was having issues in the morning and evenings. After the FCC went on the freeway to investigate, they noticed a significant "wideband emission" coming from Humphreys' car.

The Tampa Tribune sought comment from Humphreys but was unable reach him.

Read the full story from The Tampa Tribune here.

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