World-Renown Stem Cell Physician Appointed as Medical Director for Regenerative BioScience

SARASOTA, Fla., May 2, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Caribbean International Holdings (Pink Sheets:CIHN) through its subsidiary, Regenerative BioScience, has appointed Dr. Leonel Liriano as its Medical Director.

Leonel Francisco Liriano Espinal is a graduate of the Medical School of Medicine Technical University of Santiago (UTESA). Dr. Liriano has specialized as an intensive care physician at St. Joseph Hospital in the city of Santiago de Chile, and has also been prepared in Clinical Nutrition for Critical Patient in the Auxilio Mutuo Hospital, in the city of Santurce, Puerto Rico, as well as studied Intensive Post-operative Cardiovascular at Cedars Hospital in the City of Miami, Florida and trainings in Neurocritical care in NYU Hospital, New York City.

Twelve years ago while talking to a surgeon who practiced in Germany, Dr. Liriano, who is professor of cardiology and intensive care at the Technological University of Santiago (UTES), became interested in the process of cell therapy and how this could serve as hope to treat diseases without possibility of cure. Since then, Dr. Liriano along with his team of doctors from different specialties has successfully applied the stem cell-based therapy to more than 1000 people. This includes 200 sports figures; with the most prominent being baseball player Bartolo Colon for whom he was the lead physician.

Bartolo Colon was out of baseball for nearly 2 years because of a serious shoulder injury, but returned to the sport and became an All-Star thanks to a stem cell procedure where stem cells were taken from his body and then re-injected into his shoulder by Dr. Liriano. This injury previously may have required surgery to be repaired or the player would be forced into early retirement. This life changing procedure may now have the potential to extend athletes careers and shorten rehabilitation time.

The Dr. Liriano is proud to belong to a generation that has much to offer. He is considered as a dynamic professional and owner of a gift that inspires others to make the most of their potential and one of the pioneers of cell therapy in the City of Santiago. He is convinced that in the not too distant future most diseases will be treated with this therapy.

Steven Swank, Chairman and CEO of Caribbean International Holdings, stated "I have received stem cells myself 3 years ago and am a true believer in its potential after seeing my health improvements. Dr. Liriano shares our vision of helping to improve quality of life and we could not be more excited to have someone with this extensive experience and knowledge in this field join as our Medical Director."


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