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Samsung's newest smartwatch offers a stylish look

Samsung debuts Gear 2
Samsung debuts Gear 2

Samsung takes a second stab at smartwatches with its new Gear 2, which addresses all the major issues the Galaxy Gear had.

"The Gear 2, for $299, looks a lot less tech-y than the original, and comes in a variety of colors, which will make it more universally appealing," said Michael Prospero, reviews editor at Laptop Mag.

That item, which runs on Samsung's own also includes new features that the first generation doesn't have. It has an IR blaster so that users can use the watch to change the channels on their television and a heart rate monitor so that they can measure their pulse while they workout.

Prospero also noted that Samsung just released a less expensive version of the Gear 2 called, the Gear 2 Neo, which is $199 but lacks the built-in camera found in the Gear 2, but also has the IR blaster and heart rate monitor.

"Samsung is expected to release another smartwatch this summer that will run on the Android Wear operating system," added Prospero.

For now, the Gear 2, which was released on April 11, will have to compete with other popular smartwatches on the market such as the Pebble Steel and the Sony smartwatch.

By CNBC's Erika Santoro.