Want a job? Don’t forget your ‘soft’ skills

It takes more than an impressive resume to land a job. It takes what hiring managers and human resource professionals call "soft skills."

A national online survey conducted earlier this year by Harris Poll on behalf of CareerBuilder found that 77 percent of employers believe less tangible skills associated with one's personality—such as a positive attitude—are just as important as hard skills.

"In order for candidates to really stand out and be successful, they've got to communicate both their tangible and intangible skills," said Eric Gilpin, president of staffing and recruiting at CareerBuilder. "Things not necessarily just around your competency—around certain skill sets or certain languages—but really some of the emotional intelligence in your communication style of how you communicate with folks at work."

Some of the most important soft skills, according to CareerBuilder, are a strong work ethic, self-motivation, and the abilities to work in teams and under pressure.

CareerBuilder warns job-seekers, though, that saying that they're a team player is not enough; they have to show it through specific examples.

"Obviously you want your skill set to stand out on the resume, but during the interview you should communicate to the hiring manager situations where maybe you had to work together as a team. Maybe it's been long hours or weekend but it had significant results for your company," said Gilpin.

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