Omaha Chiropractor Announces Cervical Traction for Managing Neck & TMJ Pain

OMAHA, Neb., May 4, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Chiropractic Health Clinic announced that the clinic is now offering the Pettibon cervical traction device for managing neck pain and TMJ pain. According to Omaha chiropractor Dr. Mark Eiler, cervical traction is beneficial for individuals with cervical spine compression that is triggering neck pain, jaw pain, headaches, and migraines. The Pettibon cervical traction device is an all-natural, drug-free treatment that re-establishes motion for the cervical and lumbar spines while also managing pain without the need for drugs.

Omaha chiropractor Dr. Mark Eiler, D.C. announced that his practice, Chiropractic Health Clinic, now treats cervical spine pain and TMJ pain using the Pettibon cervical traction device. According to Dr. Eiler, the Pettibon cervical traction device is an effective option for managing pain without the need for drugs or surgery.

"Pettibon cervical traction is a revolutionary adjustment system that helps alleviate pain and re-establish a full range of motion," said Dr. Eiler. "Many of our TMJ patients who are unable to tolerate pressure on the jaw or chin – and consequently not good candidates for other treatment options – benefit greatly from repetitive cervical traction."

Neck pain is frequently due to a misalignment in the cervical spine, according to Dr. Eiler. Everything from an untreated accident injury, like a whiplash injury, to poor posture can compress the cervical spine. Normally, the cervical spine curves slightly inward, supporting the head. When abnormal curvature occurs due to chronic poor posture or an accident injury, this compresses the cervical spine, triggering pain.

Cervical spine misalignments are often closely connected with TMJ pain. The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is like a sliding hinge that connects that jawbone with the skull. TMJ disorders cause pain in the jaw joint, as well as the nearby muscles that control jaw movement. While the exact cause for TMJ disorders can be difficult to determine, in general, TMJ disorders are associated with jaw injuries and cervical spine problems. Severe TMJ may cause individuals to habitually clench or grind their teeth at night, and can trigger migraines, headaches, and other painful health problems.

"Both TMJ pain and chronic neck pain can severely impact a patient's quality of life," said Dr. Eiler. "Many of our patients with TMJ and neck pain live in fear that a migraine or headache may strike at any time. The good news is that Pettibon cervical traction is a safe, effective way to manage neck pain and TMJ disorders without the need for surgery or medication."

Pettibon cervical traction is designed to manage pain and re-establish motion for the cervical and lumbar spines. Individuals should schedule a diagnostic appointment to determine whether they are good candidates for treatment.

In addition to Pettibon cervical traction, Chiropractic Health Clinic offers spinal adjustments, nutritional counseling, spinal decompression, and other chiropractic care in Omaha.

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