Green EnviroTech Announces That Black Lion Oil Limited Has Made Significant Steps Towards Rolling Out Its First Plant In The United Kingdom.

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Oakdale, May 6, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Green EnviroTech Holdings Corp. (OTCQB: GETH) is pleased to announce that Black Lion Oil Limited (BLOL) has made significant steps towards building their first plant in the United Kingdom. Below are several highlights regarding the UK Project:

  • The first UK site has been located.
  • The site owner will be a Joint Venture Partner in the project.
  • Black Lion Oil has engaged a specialist environmental consultancy firm to manage the planning and permitting process for the first UK site. Black Lion Oil has received encouraging feedback from its pre-planning application meeting with the local County Council.
  • Further positive meetings have been held with feedstock suppliers who are keen to supply Black Lion Oil on long-term contracts.
  • The Company, Black Lion Oil, is in the process of deciding on the location on its second and third sites.

Gary DeLaurentiis, CEO of GETH stated, "Black Lion Oil has been working on building their first plant for the last 8 months and has made great strides in a short period of time. We believed that Black Lion Oil could move quickly due to strategic planning and expertise in their field. BLOL has proven successful given the duration of time in which they have accomplished a significant amount of work toward this project. GETH entered into a regional development agreement with Black Lion Oil, an Irish based company whose primary focus is on emerging green technology. This agreement provides Black Lion Oil with rights to the GETH technology in defined regions to finance, install, and operate plants within a contractually allotted time."

About: Green EnviroTech Holdings Corp.

Green EnviroTech Holdings (GETH) is a green innovative conversion technology company, which holds a patent pending process for converting waste tires and mixed plastics, destined for landfills, into high-grade oil. The company has received a contract to purchase GETH oil from ConocoPhillips.The GETH process helps solve America's environmental issues. Each GETH system converts approximately 545,000 tires per year into 17,220 barrels of oil and by-products (Syngas, Carbon and Steel). The process also converts 12,000,000 pounds of mixed post-consumer plastics per year, not currently recycled, and produces 32,500 barrels of oil and by-products. The GETH process produces no emissions.

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About: Blacklion Oil LTD.

Blacklion is an Irish based company with its primary focus on emerging green technology that has international applications. Blacklion's first investment was the acquisition of the non-US rights for the Green EnviroTech plastic/tire to oil technology. Blacklion is currently partnering with regional technology companies in strategic markets to expand the GETH footprint.

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