HMN Financial, Inc. Announces Termination of Supervisory Agreement

ROCHESTER, Minn., May 6, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- HMN Financial, Inc. (HMN or the Company) (Nasdaq:HMNF) today announced that, effective as of May 1, 2014, the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System (the FRB) terminated the supervisory agreement to which the Company was a party.

The supervisory agreement, effective February 22, 2011, related primarily to the Company's then existing financial performance and credit quality issues. Under the supervisory agreement, the Company was required to submit periodic business plans and reports to the FRB. In addition, the supervisory agreement required that the Company (i) not declare, make or pay any cash dividends on any of its stock or make any other capital distributions or purchase or redeem any of its stock without the prior consent of the FRB; (ii) not incur any debt or pay any interest or principal payments thereon, increase any current lines of credit or guarantee the debt of any entity without the prior consent of the FRB; (iii) comply with existing notification requirements pursuant to the applicable rules and regulations of the FRB with respect to changes in directors and certain executive officers; (iv) not make any golden parachute payment unless such payment complies with the applicable rules and regulations of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (the FDIC); and (v) not enter into any new contractual arrangement or renew or revise any existing contractual arrangement related to compensation or benefits with any director or certain executive officers without the prior consent of the FRB, with any such arrangement to comply with all applicable rules and regulations of the FRB and FDIC.

"We are pleased that the improvements in our financial results and capital position have allowed this regulatory agreement to be terminated," said Brad Krehbiel, President of HMN. "This was the final outstanding regulatory agreement and we look forward to operating the company without the additional regulatory requirements of the terminated agreement."

General Information

HMN Financial, Inc. and Home Federal Savings Bank are headquartered in Rochester, Minnesota. Home Federal Savings Bank operates eight full service offices in Minnesota located in Albert Lea, Austin, Eagan, La Crescent, Rochester (2), Spring Valley and Winona; one full service office in Marshalltown, Iowa; one loan origination office in Sartell, Minnesota; and two Private Banking offices in Rochester, Minnesota.

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