PMX Communities Cannabis Terminal Introduced to the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division

BOCA RATON, Fla., May 6, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- PMX Communities Inc. (OTCQB:PMXO) announces that our LXIV Bud Box cannabis terminal was introduced to the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division ("MED").

iComply, LLC, our compliance consultants, met on behalf of PMX with the MED in Colorado to present our cannabis terminal, and take the next steps in placing the machine in a dispensary in Colorado. The MED understands that the LXIV Bud Box is a novel product entering a commercializing industry and that compliance is of the utmost importance with this new technology.

More sophistically designed than the ZaZZZ American Green Machine, a marijuana vending machine produced by Tranzbyte Corporation, it was concluded that as long as the PMX terminal stays compliant to MED regulation and continues to have the technical ability to modify to future changes in legislation the PMX LXIV Bud Box cannabis terminal is ready to launch.

"Our marijuana Bud Box is sure to soon be recognized as the 'Gold Standard of Cannabis.' From the review conducted on our terminal and our pioneering technology, we believe we can meet compliance with Amendment 64 and feel the terminal should bring a new revenue stream to the company and our shareholders," stated Meris Kott, of PMX Communities Inc.

PMX Communities Inc. is a precious metals incubation company, having launched the MGIV gold terminal that allows consumers to purchase varying denominations of fine gold bullion bars and coins with a touch of a screen and a swipe of a card. In 2014, PMX expanded their terminal product line with the introduction of the LXIV Bud Box cannabis terminal.

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