Saundra Pelletier, Woman Care Global CEO, Wins Athena San Diego's Pinnacle Award for Life Sciences

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SAN DIEGO, CALIF., May 6, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Woman Care Global is pleased to announce that Saundra Pelletier, Chief Executive Officer, has been awarded the Athena San Diego's Pinnacle Award for Life Sciences at an awards ceremony and banquet held in San Diego on Thursday, May 1, 2014.

The Athena San Diego's Pinnacle Award for Life Sciences recognizes an extraordinary individual who personifies Athena San Diego's mission of fostering the personal and professional growth of women through mentoring, education, recognition, and leadership training thereby enhancing competitiveness and opportunity for women in the San Diego business community.

Ms. Pelletier has dedicated her life and career to empowering women and has been a major force in bringing attention to the need for women globally to access reproductive health supplies. Ms. Pelletier has over 20 years of professional experience as an international marketing expert in addition to being a mother, published author and executive coach. She travels extensively as a keynote speaker for women's organizations and corporations and tirelessly advocates for international equality. In addition to her role as CEO of Woman Care Global, Ms Pelletier also serves as CEO of Evofem Inc., a privately held biotechnology company that develops advanced prescription and consumer products in the areas of contraception, feminine care, and the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases.

"It is such an honor to receive the Life Sciences Pinnacle Award" says Ms. Pelletier, "We need to make a conscious decision to invest in women by ensuring they have the tools to invest in themselves. I am so grateful that there are organizations such as Athena San Diego striving to promote professional growth for women."

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