The Movie & Music Network (DIDG) to Launch Cannabis Network

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HOLLYWOOD, May 6, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Digital Development Group, operating as The Movie & Music Network (OTCQB:DIDG), announced today the upcoming launch, in conjunction with Moxé Productions, of a groundbreaking network devoted entirely to the cannabis lifestyle.

"We've spent the last several months on the development of this internet network to cover all aspects of the cannabis/marijuana industry. We're now ready to launch our first channel on Independence Day, July 4, 2014," said chairman Martin W. Greenwald. "The initial channel, MJ360.TV, will cover all 360 degrees on the compass of the explosive cannabis industry. The lion's share of content will be engaging and original programming not available elsewhere. It'll be edgy, informative and with a fresh, young approach to the alternative lifestyle. I'm confident that this could well be the lightning rod for the expansion of our overall viewership."

Channels on The Movie and Music Network span a wide range of topics, from cult films to martial arts. Continued Greenwald, "MJ360.TV will be hard-hitting and cutting-edge, presenting a variety of topics focused on the marijuana industry—interviews with the doctors, lawyers, growers, clinic owners, heads of public companies, as well as industry analysts. We're also developing a segment entitled, "Cannabal—Killer Recipes with Cannabis," which will explore edibles for every variety of taste. MJ360.TV will cover the launch of new markets, companies, and opportunities for investors and entrepreneurs. A primary focus of the channel will be a daily live market 'wrap-up' on what's hot and what's not in the public cannabis equity arena. We've already begun the task of identifying businesses and markets we believe will play a major role in the growth and future of this emerging lifestyle. Some of these companies have flown below the radar and are potential gems. We're committed not to be stale or old, but rather, to take an innovative approach to our programming."

The Movie & Music Network, available online at and through the popular Roku platform, offers unlimited viewing at a fixed price of $5.99 per month. "Our intent is to build out a minimum of three channels on the MJ360.TV Network," he continued. "Through the use of internet analytics, we're able to track what our viewers are watching and deliver more of that programming. Our current lineup of 21 channels continues to grow, and MJ360.TV will help to further diversify the network. We believe our current subscribers will react favorably to this new programming, and more importantly, we believe we'll attract a new constituency of subscribers."

Greenwald emphasized, "This is about building shareholder value. Through the acceleration of our subscriber base and revenue ramp up, we move toward profitability. Over the past six months we have seen month-to-month double-digit growth, and we are launching channels at the rate of at least one a week. And MJ360.TV could be a catalyst to develop more original programming."

"Medical and recreational marijuana is gaining traction both in the United States and abroad," noted Greenwald. "We could have, as some suggested, chosen to put our heads in the sand and deny the growing culture and opportunity. We chose instead to take what we believe to be the high road—no pun intended—committing to bringing subscribers informative, entertaining and unique programming not available anywhere else. We've set the bar high and have challenged ourselves to exceed those goals."

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