Intel to launch 20 Chromebooks by end of 2014

Intel's new chips in Chromebooks

Intel is getting more involved with Google's Chromebooks.

The chipmaker unveiled a new line of 20 Chromebooks that use its processors, all of which will be launched by the end of the year. The laptops will be made by vendors including Acer, ASUS, Dell, HP, Lenovo, LG Electronics and Toshiba. They will sell for $300 to $400.

The new products were unveiled in San Francisco by Navin Shenoy, vice president and general manager of Intel Mobile Client Platforms Group and Caesar Sengupta, vice president, product management, Chrome OS at Google.

The Chromebooks are designed to predominately use services over the Web.

Andrew Harrer | Bloomberg | Getty Images

The widening selection of Chromebooks signifies the building momentum for Google's attempt to create a compelling alternative to Windows-powered machines and Apple's Mac computers.

Intel and the PC makers embracing Chromebooks also are longtime Microsoft partners that helped make Windows so influential.

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Despite the broadening support for the product, Chromebooks account for only a small fraction of PC shipments.

Intel CEO Brian Krasnik told CNBC last month that the company recognizes that it needs to diversify more out of desktop market.

—By CNBC with Reuters