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Covering today's hottest financial topics, "The Suze Orman Show" helps people make the connection between self worth and net worth. In a format that's fast-paced, down-to-earth, and entertaining, Suze candidly tells her audience the truth about money so they can change the course of their financial destiny -to have more and be more. They will also gain Suze's insight on how to protect themselves financially, resulting in personal empowerment that's exemplified in their bank accounts.

5/10/2014 -- CNSUZ051014 -- SECURING MOM'S FUTURE

Message to moms: even if you're not working, you can be saving for your retirement. A Suze Follow Up with a woman who was on in 2012 to mend a marriage in financial turmoil. Viewers ask if they can afford to upgrade a wedding ring, a $200 leather jacket.

5/17/2014 -- CNSUZ051714 -- COMMON MONEY MISTAKES

The money mistakes you make with your salary & retirement. Target date funds, insurance for babies & settling credit card debt. Viewers ask if they can afford an NHL fantasy game, a month in Australia & Fiji.

5/24/2014 -- CNSUZ052414 -- ASK ME ANYTHING!

Tips on getting back in the stock market for those who pulled out in panic. Protecting credit after a divorce. Trying to change a spouse with bad money habits. Viewers ask if they can afford a Harley Davidson, a Russian river cruise.

5/31/2014 -- CNSUZ053114 -- TAPPING HOME EQUITY

A warning if you're thinking of using a home equity line of credit again. A woman feels trapped by her debt. A young man asks how much to spend on an engagement ring when he makes $30K/year. Viewers ask if they can afford an RV motor home, in-ground pool.

6/7/2014 -- CNSUZ060714 -- THE COST OF BEING A PARENT

The high cost of putting your child's wants before your own needs. The dangers of cosigning a loan. A father of triplets worries he won't have enough for everyone's future. Viewers ask if they can afford a backyard swim spa, an Xbox One.


The 5 biggest mistakes you shouldn't make with your retirement account. A firefighter's wife fears their retirement is about to go up in flames. Viewers ask if they can afford a greenhouse, a Texas Longhorn Heifer.

6/21/2014 -- CNSUZ062114 -- HOW WELL DO YOU KNOW YOUR MONEY?

Take Suze's simple pop quiz and find out. A young social worker in $125K of debt asks for a Suze intervention & gets more than she bargained for. Viewers ask if they can afford a voice-over studio, a DJ sound mixer.

6/28/2014 -- CNSUZ062814 -- SUZE'S TOP 5 RULES OF REAL ESTATE

Tips for home buyers that will help you find the right home for your bank account. A young woman returns after getting a Suze Smackdown. Viewers ask if they can afford a Porsche Boxster, a moped.


Gain financial independence with advice on pre-nups, cohabitation agreements, retirement for SAHMs & the dangers of private mortgage insurance. Viewers ask if they can afford a one year sabbatical, an iPad & accessories.


Think it's not a big deal to tap your retirement when you're young? Find out what it really costs you. A former 1-on-One guest surprises Suze with a stunning transformation. Viewers ask if they can afford a ticket to see Britney Spears in Las Vegas, an expedition in search of Amelia Earhart.

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