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The $730 men's commuter suit for cycling and meetings

Parker Dusseau Commuter Suit.
Source: Parker Dusseau

Commuting to work on a bicycle, while clad in a suit, can be tricky.

Pant seams don't always allow for easy movement. And then there's the business of tucking in pant legs in your socks. Not exactly stylin'.

Meet the commuter suit for men.

Inspired by complaints from cyclists, who have to change into work clothes, San Francisco-based Parker Dusseau has created a so-called commuter suit, BloombergBusinessweek reports. The merino ensemble combines the tailored look of a traditional two-piece suit with high performance details. The company's founder Vaughn Brown is an avid cyclist and adventurer.

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The suit pant features a gusset (a diamond-shaped piece of fabric) in the crotch, instead of a four-way seam. The change allows for flexibility and comfort. Two strips of rubber in the interior waistband keep dress shirts tucked. And the legs can be rolled up and fastened with a convenient button to keep them from getting caught in spokes, according to the report.

To prevent split seams, the jacket is lined with an athletic mesh that stretches across the back, when hunched over handlebars. The commuter suit jacket retails for $485, and the commuter suit pant goes for $245.

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